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The brand Perla Organic Chocolate led by the young entrepreneur, Carol Marcial, was born from the imperious desire to carry out a project that has to do with the development of an organic chocolate with a real quality control that goes from the sowing of the cocoa plants on its own farm under the supervision of technical experts in the area, who manage the concept of maintaining a chemical and pesticide- free ecosystem, Followed by value chain processes that must be strictly done to meet the highest standards of quality, until it comes to produce derivatives and organic chocolate bars.

Carol Marcial, was motivated to realize this dream in the middle of the year 2016 and that soon came true, considering that its parents have an agricultural property that is in the community of “Río Muchacho” very close to the beaches of Canoa, pertaining to the canton of San Vicente in the province Manabí, which has a considerable amount of cocoa plantation and other plants that help an excellent crop of this product, as well as the microclimate of the sector that flavors its perfect development. The implementation of this project is closely linked to the human and community aspects, in order to promote jobs for natives of the area, to encourage the owners of agricultural properties in the organic management and not to use chemical elements that damage the good development of the plantation.

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1) Support for human development

Perla Organic Chocolate has its own cocoa plantation located in the community of Rio Muchacho near the beaches of Canoe belonging to the canton of San Vicente in the province of Manabí. Its habitants are of limited economic resources and are dedicated mainly to the agriculture with crops of short cycle. Having into consideration that the majority of children and young adults suffer the lack of opportunities and resources to achieve education of quality. Perla Organic Chocolate has considered indispensable to contribute the community by sending professionals of different majors that have direct relationship with the human development in order to solvent the deficiencies of the people who lives here.

2) A pearl of chocolate for a smile

Perla Organic Chocolate considered important to make an alliance with the foundation which is dedicated to the manufacture of wigs for children with cancer. This means that Perla Organic Chocolate for each export that the company makes, a certain percentage of it is delivered in product to the foundation in order to contribute in this way with the children. In addition, it participates in events and celebrations that are made by the foundation in honor of the children attending them to share unforgettable moments with them where most of the time a chocolate bar is shared to animate the kids.

3) Responsible with the environment

We believe in the transformative power of social projects and initiatives of protection and respect for the environment. A shared responsibility of farmers in the area is moving forward a more sustainable agriculture inculcating the efficient use of organic inputs and agro technologies. An increased control against illegal trade that includes fake, imitation and adulterated products that are dangerous to health.

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